Offshore Registration

Registration of the company in the offshore zone in international business is still the most popular client request.

Despite all the difficulties and changes in the market of offshore business and services in offshore companies, the cost of maintaining and registering offshore companies, caused by the ban on dummy companies, the need to ensure an economic presence in the country of registration, the complexity of interacting with banks and counterparties, customers categorically seek to have a company in jurisdictions in which taxation tends to “0”.

Offshore company registration

In most cases, applying for registration of a non-resident business, clients do not fully understand the essence of the term “offshore” and the difficulties of its application.

Offshore jurisdiction is a territory or state whose banking infrastructure mainly provides services to people or enterprises not residing in that jurisdiction, and which does not require or almost does not disclose information when conducting business, and also offers low taxes (as defined by the IMF).

In other words, offshore is a country that provides special preferential terms for doing business and taxing personal capital, in some cases offering complete anonymity to the beneficiary.

There is no clear list of offshore countries in the world, many countries have their own countries legally classified as offshore, and the OECD and the FATF also publish particularly well-known lists.

Registration of an offshore is legal, ownership of such a company is not prohibited, but when interacting with counterparties from countries in which your company is considered offshore, you may feel uncomfortable with requests to disclose more detailed information about the business or even refuse to cooperate both from the counterparty and from a serving financial institution.

This is due to the high risk of offshore companies participating in money laundering and criminal activities.

Offshore registration: price

The use of offshore zones has undergone dramatic changes, the registration of offshore and doing business abroad and today remains a relevant optimization tool, but requires a thorough analysis of the draft business work scheme (because a randomly selected jurisdiction may not satisfy the client’s request and its expectations from offshore registration company).

The times have gone irrevocably when shelf offshore companies cost the owner only some 1,500 - 2,000 euros per year and gave complete freedom of doing business.

Each project requires detailing and risk assessment of the health of the scheme.

Registration of an offshore company is inexpensive, but for most offshore jurisdictions, the cost of annual company support has increased, which is proportionally dependent on the volume of the business (to ensure the adequacy of the economic presence in the country of registration of the offshore).

Therefore, for registration and maintenance of an offshore, we strongly recommend contacting professionals!

You can order registration services for an offshore company or registration services for a non-resident company by contacting the specialists of the International Department of Absolut Law Firm.

For more than 10 years we have been successfully registering offshore companies and companies abroad, as well as their full support, opening corporate and personal accounts.

We offer comprehensive and individual solutions to achieve optimal results, applicable in the future.

We will help you create and effectively accompany your new or existing business abroad, offering adequate and balanced prices.

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