Bankruptcy of the enterprise

Bankruptcy -
  • reorganization of the debtor prior to the opening of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • bankruptcy of the debtor;
  • individual bankruptcy
  • bankruptcy of an entrepreneur that is a private individual;
  • farm bankruptcy;
  • implementation of a financial rehabilitation of the debtor by its director;
  • analysis of financial, economic, and investment activities of a debtor as well as its position in the market;
  • implementation of measures aimed at protecting the debtor's property.
  • legal analysis of the insolvency of A debtor and provision of recommendations on the advisability of applying judicial rehabilitation measures in order to restore solvency or to perform a forced liquidation procedure;
  • support of the bankruptcy procedure from the moment of its preparation to its full completion; monitoring of the bankruptcy procedure at all its stages;
  • development of a strategy and tactics of conducting cases under the bankruptcy procedure; ways of paying off monetary claims;
  • challenging the claims of creditors and any procedural documents at any stage of the bankruptcy process.
  • legal analysis of the insolvency of a debtor and provision of recommendations on the desirability of instituting bankruptcy proceedings;
  • support of the bankruptcy procedure from the moment of its preparation to its full completion; monitoring of the bankruptcy procedure at all its stages;
  • development of a strategy and tactics of conducting cases of the bankruptcy procedure; ways of paying off monetary claims;
  • determination of the composition and the amount of the client's claims toward the debtor;
  • challenging any procedural documents at any stage of the bankruptcy procedure.

Bankruptcy of an Enterprise

Bankruptcy refers to the inability of a company to conduct business activities due to lack of funds and, as a consequence, the impossibility of payment under its debt obligations.

The enterprise bankruptcy procedure is directed not only at the liquidation of the enterprise but also at its financial rehabilitation. The latter provides for a complete financial recovery of the company and its subsequent development in the future.

Bankruptcy of enterprises in Ukraine is a popular tool in the fight against financial difficulties of companies that is widely used by many representatives of business throughout the world.

In order to meet the interests of a debtor's creditors, an integrated mechanism is triggered, which includes the enforcement of court procedures for disposing of property, the liquidation of an enterprise, and the restoration of the company's solvency (financial rehabilitation).


Liquidation of an Enterprise

The procedure for the liquidation of an enterprise is the most common measure when initiating a bankruptcy case.

The law says that "financially afflicted" companies are subject to rehabilitation. Consequently, the liquidation of enterprises occurs only when solvency cannot be restored.

The main objective of the liquidation procedure is to implement a whole range of measures with the sole purpose of meeting creditors' claims on a fair and proportionate basis.

Repayment of accounts payable is possible only due to the use of the debtor's assets, which can be identified, retained, and subsequently sold by a bankruptcy administrator.

Consistent and lawful actions in the course of disposition of a debtor's property work to preserve and to effectively use the debtor's assets. For example, when applying this mechanism, it is possible to stop the action of financial measures (penalties etc.), which is caused by the entry of the moratorium on the satisfaction of creditor claims into force.


Bankruptcy Administrator

As an enterprise official, a bankruptcy administrator is obliged to assume the functions of the implementation of economic activities of the company and document circulation as well as to fulfill the requirements regarding the identification of creditors, implement financial rehabilitation, organize the sale of the debtor's property and the liquidation procedure, and, in case of violations of the law, to notify representatives of law enforcement agencies.

The bankruptcy administrator accompanies all the stages of bankruptcy and financial rehabilitation of the enterprise and is endowed with appropriate powers of the director of the company and fulfills all the orders of the economic court proceeding from the provisions of the current legislation.

The bankruptcy administrator will:

  • analyze financial and economic activities of the company;
  • search for debt restructuring options;
  • verify the legitimacy of the claims of creditors;
  • resort to measures aimed at preserving the debtor's property;
  • offers options for resolving conflicts between the client and the creditor(s);
  • provide the necessary information to relevant bankruptcy authorities for entry into a single database.

As an uninterested person acting within the framework of the Law, the bankruptcy administrator in Kyiv has the right to send inquiries to obtain the necessary information from state registers, to receive materials from other legal entities, and, in certain cases, to involve specialized structures.

Legal support for the process of restoration of the debtor's solvency is considered both on the part of the debtor and on the part of the creditor.

Our qualified specialists:

  • have special knowledge in bankruptcy cases;
  • have many years of experience in supporting the liquidation of enterprises in Dnipro City and in other regions of Ukraine;
  • understand the legal specifics of the position of courts and state bodies;
  • are provided with due technical support.




Financial Rehabilitation  of an Enterprise

Financial rehabilitation of a company is performed in order to prevent the debtor from being declared bankrupt and has a number of peculiarities.

The decision on the initiation of a financial rehabilitation procedure is adopted by the creditors' committee, which consists of competitive creditors (in case of the use of the general financial rehabilitation procedure), or by the director of the debtor company (in case of the use of a simplified financial rehabilitation procedure).

Fulfillment of the debtor's obligations, repayment of arisen debts with subsequent financial recovery and continuation of the economic activity of the enterprise is possible only if the financial rehabilitation program is implemented in strict compliance with requirements of the current regulations. An incorrectly chosen strategy can aggravate an already shaky position of an enterprise.

Competent support and implementation of the bankruptcy procedure and financial rehabilitation of an enterprise is impossible without the availability of specialist knowledge in various sectors of the economy, finance, and accounting as well as without general legal support for each stage of the process.



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