International Tax Planning

International Tax Planning -
  • detailed analysis of jurisdictions (taxation, financial reporting, bank secrecy and confidentiality, types of permitted activities, organizational and legal forms for legal entities);
  • providing recommendations on the selection of the best jurisdiction for the registration (acquisition) of a foreign company.
  • preparation of a set of documents required for the registration (acquisition) of a non-resident company;
  • support registration of a non-resident company with the transfer of the optimal set of company documents;
  • the development of schemes for the use of a foreign company;
  • development of schemes for protecting confidential information about the real owners of the company;
  • international tax planning.
  • support of foreign companies;
  • accounting support, reporting, audit;
  • representation of client's interests in foreign state bodies;
  • assistance in organizing the activities of a foreign office in the country of registration of a non-resident company - Substance;
  • participation in negotiations on concluding a foreign economic transaction;
  • development of foreign economic contracts;
  • review (preparation) of complaints;
  • support of litigations.
  • preliminary assessment of the package of documents and recommendations for choosing a bank;
  • forming a package of documents for the successful opening of an account;
  • analysis of activities on the account, recommendations for cooperation with the bank to maintain the current account.
  • preparation of lawsuits, comments, explanations and other documents;
  • participation in court sessions;
  • appeal of court decisions;
  • accompaniment of the stage of execution of the judgment.
  • acquisition of citizenship for investments;
  • "Golden" and resident visas;
  • Residence permit and permanent residence for entrepreneurs, self-employed persons.
  • development of a detailed analysis of liquidation methods;
  • liquidation of offshore and foreign companies.

Business abroad is a convenient tool for entrepreneurship, work in the international market and with foreign partners, which, with proper construction, allows you to optimize taxation, diversify risks and protect assets.

For over 10 years, the International Department of the Absolut Law Agency has been providing complete and comprehensive services to businesses abroad – from registration of a foreign company or offshore, maintaining the company’s activities throughout its entire existence, and ending with its liquidation (if necessary).

Registration of Companies Abroad


We provide company registration services in most countries of the world, including the registration of offshore companies, companies in the Free Economic Zones, the creation of trusts and funds, as well as holding structures.

We are always attentive to customer requests and ready to answer the most topical issues:

  • in which country it is better to register a company;
  • how to optimize taxes;
  • how to attract business investments;
  • how to save and increase capital;
  • how to protect assets from raider attacks.

Opening Accounts in Foreign Banks


Business is unable to exist without banking services. Therefore, the International Department of the Absolut Law Agency pays special attention to work with foreign banks, including offshore banks.

We offer our clients the widest range of banking services in over 150 banks and 50 countries.

We ensure opening an account in a foreign bank for newly created companies, for companies with history and individuals; we provide support in cooperation with banks with which relations have already been established.

Citizenship Programs

An important tool for tax planning is also citizenship programs, obtaining permanent residence, permanent residence permit and changing tax residency.

Citizenship programs are designed to solve various problems. For some people, it is a real tool for changing the country of residence and improving the quality of life in the new state, while some people, having received a second passport, expand the list of states for visiting in the visa-free regime.

In some cases, a change of tax residency is a critical decision in a tax optimization scheme.

And this is not an exhaustive list of citizenship programs benefits! The specified benefits can be combined to get even more benefits from one program.

Based on our own experience and the experience of our foreign partners, we offer our clients the most advanced work schemes in the non-resident market, taking into account the challenges of modernity and the processes launched to implement the BEPS plan (Automatic exchange of tax information, amendments to double taxation avoidance agreements and MLI conventions, Transfer pricing, CFC and more).

Почему сотрудничество с нашей компанией — правильное решение ?
Absolute одна из ведущих компаний Юго-Восточного региона Украины с более чем 10-летним опытом.
В каких сферах наша компания предоставляет юридические услуги ?
Работаем в сфере хозяйственного, корпоративного, инвестиционного, налогового,уголовного, таможенного, антимонопольного, административного и международного права.
Какие компании находятся в списке наших партеров ?
В списке партнеров такие компании: OTP банк; ПУМБ; UESF; ЮЖМАШ; Nemiroff.
Какой залог успешной работы в юридической сфере ?
Залог успешной работы: Высокий профессионализм; Персональный подход; Полная конфиденциальность; Работа на результат.