Arbitrage practice

Arbitrage practice -
  • full analysis of documents;
  • drawing up a detailed plan of measures aimed at protecting the rights and interests of the client;
  • individual selection of a defense strategy;
  • provision of practical assistance in the process of collecting evidence.
  • economic disputes;
  • civil disputes;
  • administrative disputes;
  • criminal disputes.
  • implementation of the procedure for securing the claim;
  • drafting of all the necessary procedural documents;
  • practical assistance in the process of collecting evidence;
  • comprehensive support of litigation.

Arbitrage Practice

Law Agency "Absolute" Limited Liability Company pays special attention to the development of directions of judicial practice. The successful resolution of issues in the courts of Ukraine largely depends on the experience and qualifications of lawyers and attorneys. Reputation is the main capital formed by years of experience without any right to make a mistake. Customers trust us because they are confident in our specialists.


Lawyers and attorneys of Law Agency "Absolute" Limited Liability Company analyze documents, individually select a defense strategy, and issue an opinion containing a legal assessment of the circumstances of the case and the possibility of achieving the client's goal. At the end of preliminary activities, a detailed plan for protecting the rights and interests of the client is drawn up.

Arbitrage Practice in Ukraine

We offer the representation of our clients' interests in economic, civil, and administrative courts as well as in the appellate and cassation instances and the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Representation of the client's interests in economic proceedings:

  • collection of debts;
  • protection against unlawful claims of creditors;
  • protection of property rights;
  • copyright protection,
  • corporate disputes,
  • disputes under insurance contracts etc.

Representation of client's interests in civil proceedings:

  • recovery of debts under contracts and IOUs; recognition of contracts as invalid;
  • recovery of compensation for material and moral (non-property) harm; protection of honor, dignity, and business reputation; establishment of the fact of absence of obligations;
  • credit, land, family, labor, hereditary, and housing disputes;
  • protection of consumer rights etc.

Representation of client's interests in administrative proceedings:

  • appealing the decisions of state supervisory bodies on the application of penalties;
  • appealing of actions, inaction, or decisions of public authorities and local self-government bodies;
  • tax and customs disputes;
  • disputes related to inspections by the labor inspectorate;
  • appealing of response measures of controlling bodies etc.

Representation of client's interests in criminal proceedings:

  • traffic accidents;
  • fraud;
  • bodily injuries;
  • violent and economic crimes etc.

Specialists of Law Agency "Absolute" Limited Liability Company will:

  • implement the procedure for securing the claim, including the preparation of applications for the provision of claims as part of economic, civil, administrative proceedings; support of the process of enforcement of the court's judgment on securing the claim etc;
  • draft all the necessary procedural documents (claims, statements of claim, objections, complaints, petitions, written explanations, lawyer requests etc.);
  • provide practical assistance in the process of collecting evidence and preparing materials necessary for the proper representation of the client's interests in court;
  • provide legal support for the enforcement of the court decision (preparation and drafting of documents, their submission for compulsory enforcement to the executive service, preparation of applications and requests in the process of compulsory collection, administrative and judicial appealing of actions (inaction) and decisions of the state executor etc.);
  • provide full and comprehensive support of litigation starting from the initial consultation to the legal analysis of documents to the correct statement of the problem and objectives to the ways to solve them to selecting the necessary arbitration practice and to the final enforcement of the court decision;
  • conduct monitoring and analysis of arbitration practice in civil, economic, and administrative proceedings, including legal positions of higher courts;

Our lawyers provide legal support in cases heard by the courts of the first, appellate, and cassation instances as well as by the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Independent resolution of a problem very rarely leads to the desired result. Timely assistance provided by an arbitration practice consultant makes it possible to estimate and to minimize all the possible risks. It is wiser to prevent a problem from happening than to deal with its consequences.


Почему сотрудничество с нашей компанией — правильное решение ?
Absolute одна из ведущих компаний Юго-Восточного региона Украины с более чем 10-летним опытом.
В каких сферах наша компания предоставляет юридические услуги ?
Работаем в сфере хозяйственного, корпоративного, инвестиционного, налогового,уголовного, таможенного, антимонопольного, административного и международного права.
Какие компании находятся в списке наших партеров ?
В списке партнеров такие компании: OTP банк; ПУМБ; UESF; ЮЖМАШ; Nemiroff.
Какой залог успешной работы в юридической сфере ?
Залог успешной работы: Высокий профессионализм; Персональный подход; Полная конфиденциальность; Работа на результат.

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