Lawyer services

Lawyer services -
  • Consultations on various legal issues
  • Advice on inspections of labor inspectorates, tax and other government agencies
  • Participation in the inspection and ensuring the legality of its conduct
  • Legal assistance in searches, interrogations and other investigative actions
  • Document Analysis
  • Individual selection of security strategy
  • Assistance in collecting evidence
  • Mediation, incl. dispute resolution with the participation of a judge
  • Business and corporate disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Customs disputes
  • Administrative disputes
  • Civil disputes
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Administrative proceedings

LLC «Law Agency «Absolute» is a guarantee of quality and reliability in law

Competent legal assistance has always been in demand among the population. And in connection with changes in Ukrainian legislation and the introduction of a lawyer monopoly, it is simply necessary to have a good specialist on hand. Thus, the constitutional reform of 2016 enshrined in the Basic Law of the country that only a lawyer can represent the interests of a person in court, as well as to protect against criminal charges.

Lawyer services are a necessity for every citizen

Today Ukraine is the only country in which this kind of monopoly is registered at the level of the Constitution. Thus, only a lawyer can represent the interests of citizens:

  • in the cassation instance – from the beginning of 2017;
  • in the appeals instance – from the beginning of 2018;
  • in the courts of first instance – from January 2019.

Such innovations have led to the fact that the cost of the services of a lawyer for many companies has increased significantly. Now for a large number of citizens the question is relevant, where is it possible to find a quality lawyer’s servant whose prices will be acceptable?

Lawyer services in Kiev

Limited Liability Company «Absolute» Law Agency» is a friendly team of more than 45 professionals who provide lawyer services in Kiev. We have ten years of experience in the following areas:

  • criminal law;
  • customs law;
  • corporate and contract law;
  • tax law;
  • land law and real estate;
  • intellectual property law;
  • labor law;
  • registration and maintenance of business, including non-resident;
  • debt collection.

We are engaged in full support of cases of individuals, large Ukrainian and international enterprises, government agencies who need to order the services of a lawyer in Kiev. Our lawyers are constantly improving their skills, studying judicial practice, and therefore on our account for more than 5 thousand successful processes!

Lawyer services: Dnipro

In addition to the capital, our specialists also work in the Dnipro. The cost of legal services depends on the specifics and complexity of the case, therefore, in each particular case is determined individually. We represent clients in civil, administrative and business processes in various instances. Turning to us, clients can be confident in the proper qualifications of a lawyer, he has enough experience and focus on results.

The price of a lawyer in the Dnipro always corresponds to fair conditions of cooperation. Not only a lot of won cases, but also the suggested number of regular customers who trust us to solve their problems speaks about our reliable reputation again and again.

Project management and representation of clients' interests by professionals from the «Absolute» Law Agency» is not limited to just one Kiev and the Dnipro. We also have clients from Kharkiv, Odessa, Chernihiv, Sumy, Zaporizhia and other regions. Our doors are open to provide qualified legal assistance to residents of all Ukraine.

Tariffs for the services of a lawyer of the company are calculated by applying a personal approach to each client. Lawyers are clearly focused and work on the result, while ensuring the preservation and non-disclosure of your confidential information.

Trust the solution of the most important issues only to proven and experienced specialists, and we, in turn, will provide you with high-quality legal assistance and support!

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Залог успешной работы: Высокий профессионализм; Персональный подход; Полная конфиденциальность; Работа на результат.

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