Company registration abroad

Convenient company registration abroad from the Absolut Legal Agency - we offer flexible working conditions, with an individual approach to each client.

The times of template solutions from incorporators, when it was easy to implement plans for tax optimization, applying jurisdictions with zero taxation (Belize, British Virgin Islands, Panama and much more), have passed.

Let's clarify who needs to register companies abroad. Such a service is in demand by business representatives, start-ups (startups), including private individuals.

Summarizing the advantages, we can say that a properly selected form of ownership of a legal entity and jurisdiction (country of registration) of a company or holding will provide an opportunity to save, optimizing expenses and facilitating tax liabilities, will make you closer to a wide market of customers and counterparties, which will increase the company's profit, will give a ticket to live in a better state will help to accumulate, preserve and increase assets, and to correctly manage them in the future.

Registration of a foreign company

Registration of a foreign company requires a thorough analysis and study of the needs of the client, so the price of registering a company can vary significantly.

Despite this, we can offer many clients our comprehensive offers, including company registration + corporate account + tax number and VAT at a nice fixed price.

The International Department of UA Absolute provides services for registering a company abroad of any form of ownership in more than 50 countries of the world. At the request of the client, we are ready to give an offer to any other country in the world, where possible.

We are engaged in the structuring of holdings, the establishment of trusts, funds, hedge funds, we provide full support for the company throughout the entire period of its existence.

Working with banks, accountants, tax planners, lawyers and auditors, realtors and recruiting agencies - all this we can provide you at the highest level.

Registration of a foreign company is available to everyone!

Our cost of company registration will pleasantly surprise you. We build a friendly and trusting policy with all clients, providing quality service at a flexible price!

For more than 10 years, specialists from the International Department of Absolut Law Firm have been successfully registering companies abroad, fully accompanying them, opening corporate and personal accounts.

Integrated and customized solutions to achieve optimal results, applicable in the future.

We will help you create and effectively accompany your new or existing business abroad, offering adequate and balanced prices.

Почему сотрудничество с нашей компанией — правильное решение ?
Absolute одна из ведущих компаний Юго-Восточного региона Украины с более чем 10-летним опытом.
В каких сферах наша компания предоставляет юридические услуги ?
Работаем в сфере хозяйственного, корпоративного, инвестиционного, налогового,уголовного, таможенного, антимонопольного, административного и международного права.
Какие компании находятся в списке наших партеров ?
В списке партнеров такие компании: OTP банк; ПУМБ; UESF; ЮЖМАШ; Nemiroff.
Какой залог успешной работы в юридической сфере ?
Залог успешной работы: Высокий профессионализм; Персональный подход; Полная конфиденциальность; Работа на результат.